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Here we lay down the foundation of the production and shape the sound the way you want. Capturing a great performance is a work of art. Shellshock Studio provides a relaxed, homely environment where you feel at ease.


This the part where we glue the recorded tracks together and make them work as a whole. We use only the finest digital and analogue gear to add weight, width and depth to your music.


Mastering is the final step in the production process. We shape the overall frequency spectrum and dynamics of the tracks so that they sound huge on every sound system from small laptop speakers to big PA systems.

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Shellshock Studio specializes in heavy genres ranging from alternative rock to extreme metal. One of the key aspects is a personal approach, tailored to the specific needs of your band’s music. Our mission is to help talented bands finetune their sound and take their career to the next level.

The studio was founded by sound engineer Pieter Nyckees in 2013 after graduating from PXL Music. What began as a small project studio in a garage went on to become a professionally equipped facility in the wonderful city of Bruges. Over the years the studio has worked on more than 100 projects for local underground and mainstream bands. In the ‘My Work’ section you can listen to a small selection of recent productions.

The studio is equipped with a SSL AWS 948 delta mixing desk combined with top notch microphones, outboard and converters. These are some of the tools used to make your band sound massive. Here’s the gear list.

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Is your band looking to step up their game? Then let’s join forces!


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