About Shellshock

About Me

Shellshock Studio is run by myself, Pieter Nyckees. My interest in studio recording and mixing started the first time I entered a studio to record an album with my former band, Always Fallen. I got fascinated by the process of recording and mixing an album and started following some homerecording courses while I was studying cultural management at KHBO. When I got my bachelor degree in Bruges I then applied at PXL Music in Hasselt to study studio engineering. There I learned a lot from some of the best engineers in the business (Werner Pensaert, Steven Maes, Filip Heurckmans, Frank Duchêne,…). I did 2 internships, one at Motor Music & one at AudioWorkx (NL) where I was assistant engineer on numerous productions (Clouseau, Douwe Bob, Undefined, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Guido Belcanto, Rowwen Hèze, Jaune Toujours, A/T/O/S,…)

I recorded and mixed 7 songs with The Sore Losers as part of my graduation project and preproduction for the 'Roslyn' album, I also recorded one of their live concerts and mixed this in 5.1 surround.

About the Studio

Shellshock Studio was founded in 2012. When I finished my studies as sound engineer in june 2013 the studio got a major facelift. A new mixing desk was installed, some more outboard gear was added and both the recording room and the control room were treated with special acoustic panels provided by AudioWorkx Acoustics.

The aim of the studio is to provide a high-end recording facility at a reasonable price. This is achieved through various elements, careful acoustic treatment, the highest quality in preamps and converters, some nice mics and outboard to shape the sound, and at the heart of it all a SSL AWS 948 mixing desk to give all the tracks the power they need to make them sound like a record.

The studio is available for all kinds of projects, from a simple preproduction to a full album production and everything inbetween.